The lightest Agile framework for individual change

Lite Agile is created to be light and simple for individuals to adopt the Agile mindset and adapt to change.

What is Lite Agile

As Agile is adopted by teams and organizations, people face challenges to be transparent, communicate, progress to resolve them and achieve their goals. Lite Agile is a framework designed for Agile to be understood, practiced and mastered from an individual level.

Lightweight and Simple

Lite Agile is designed for the individual and can be used as a self-coaching framework.

Introspective for your Mind

Lite Agile enables you to be self-aware and have empathy for yourself and others.

Effective & Proven Tools

Lite Agile uses widely known philosophies and tools from UX, Lean, Agile, Scrum and more.

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The Lite Agile Guide contains the elements, steps and tools that serve specific purposes to help individuals adapt the Agile mindset, adapt to change and progress through their changes and transformations.

Read the Lite Agile Guide

Practice powerful tools

Lite Toolkit is for you to use self-improvement and productivity tools like the Wheel of Life, Kanban Board and Retrospective Board without signing up, giving away emails or logging in.

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Track your progress

GdApp is a mobile app for you to input and track your progress and habits, with the objective to gain the analytical insights and visible awareness to change and improve yourself.

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Hi, I am Thye. I'm a User-Centred and Data-Driven UX Designer with a passion to fuse Self-Awareness with Agility.

I have worked with digital teams of all sizes, ranging from startups like Additiv (fintech) and Xfers (fintech) to larger companies such as SPgroup (energytech/utilities) with the aim to contribute as a UX Designer and be a part of initiatives of Agile Transformation.

Who I have worked with


Thye has always had an unquenchable thirst and curiosity for improvement - be it for designs, team processes or even himself. By putting in the effort day in and day out, the shift may seem small but they all add up to transformative changes in time to come!

Khai Seng Hong

Founder & Director, Studio Dojo

Thye's most enduring contribution to our company is the mindset change among founders. Mindful leadership and facilitation activities are increasingly gaining popularity among startups and corporations seeking to do better work. Through a series of activities and sharing sessions, we have managed to successfully breakdown interpersonal and intergroup challenges to become a more cohesive & resilient organisation. Thanks Thye!

Melvin Goh

Co-Founder, Have Halal Will Travel

Communicative and doesn't beat around the bush to share with you what works and what won't.

Zack Yap

Head of Product, Xfers

One of the characteristics I valued most about Thye was his openness in doing what’s needed to achieve better outcomes. He is also responsible, committed and driven to create value which makes our collaboration an enriching experience.

Stanly Lau

Software Development Coach/Mentor, Odd-e

Thye exudes empathy for the people around him, and he serves to help you or your team become introspective and positive. He creates a space for teams to communicate better and self-regulate themselves to overcome their obstacles.

Winston Teo

Engineering Lead, Shopify (Singapore)

Thye worked with us as a designer at the beginning, but he grew into a team coach. His ability to bond with others, start conversations, identify problems and lead them to solutions has contributed to a stronger mobile app team at SPdigital. I value him as he isn't afraid to speak about his problems at work, and it makes me feel okay to talk about my own experiences too.

Chang Sau Sheong

CEO, SP Digital - SP Group

Thye is a strong UX Designer and Agile Coach who isn’t afraid to speak his mind on design approaches and the challenges faced at work. He has an extreme passion in facilitation and always aims to surface and solve problems across different people and teams in the organisation. Thye's sociable and high energy helps to build stronger bonds with his colleagues beyond just work. This makes Thye a valuable colleague and good friend to have.

Chong Yao Long

Principal Experience Designer, SP Digital - SP Group

Thye is proactive in anticipating team needs during execution; he is a natural leader in mitigating issues and encouraging team members to strive for success with an open-minded culture. I would recommend Thye to any organisation that need an active team player and the ability to influence and change how teams work together.

Jona Neo

Product Director, SP Digital - SP Group

I’ve known Thye for 7 years and worked as a colleague with him for close to 2 years. It is mainly during that period when we worked together; we got to know each other better. I got to meet the version of him who is always willing to help others. He offered everyone - people who knew, and he didn't know - his advice when they needed it.

Sometimes he had the solution which he gave, and sometimes just having him to listen was enough.

I can recall at least two instances where he offered to speak to me after noticing I was stressed and going through a tough time. He offered to walk with me and shared his thoughts. During that 30 mins walk or so, I found he cared for me as a colleague and as a friend. But this is also true for everyone whom he knows in his life.

He is honest with his opinion and doesn't hesitate to speak out when he disagrees. It is this nature of Thye that makes him unique from others. A lot of people I know are willing to adjust and suffer with their circumstances. Whereas Thye is willing to take action and improve the environment for him and the people who are in that environment.

People like Thye can bring positive energies to wherever they go and can lift the spirit of others around them. I am blessed that I got to know him and his actions and suggestions have a massive impact on my life in a positive way.

Subhransu Behera

Organizer, iOS Conf SG

Thye was competent, focused on aligning my team's interests and went the extra mile to deliver what my business needed despite the challenges faced. We are proud of the results we have produced together.

Terence Tan

Founder, Santus

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